Episode 32: Kung Fu Elliot: Directors Interview

When we first reached out to Matthew Bauckman & Jaret Belliveau we weren’t really expecting a response. These guys are riding high on the success of their new film and couldn’t possibly have time for a little podcast that had some questions about the film. But we were happily mistaken.

They reached back and soon we were getting a chance to ask these filmmakers the questions that had popped up for us while watching Kung Fu Elliot in preparation for our review on the last episode. Not only did they answer those questions but they gave us a better understanding of not just the movie and it’s subjects but into the process of looking into someones life and the natural consequences of doing so.

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All Of The Films We Have Covered So Far…

In each episode we cover a main film and then throw out a couple more flicks for you to either check out or avoid to cap off the episode. Up until this point we haven’t had a list for you guys to reference. Here is that list. From this point on we will keep a better record of all the films we cover. Thanks for listening!

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